ELITE TWO with WTB Dyneema Demo stick

Size: 36.5"
Weight: XL
Sale price$125.00 Regular price$339.00



Barely used Brabo Elite X-2 DF II hockey stick with Dyneema®.

 Dyneema® gives this stick that extra bit of feeling and forgiveness with a shock-absorbing effect to reduce vibration.

The  Elite series is equipped with the Wave Torsion Box Technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimal torsional rigidity by applying a wave construction in the shaft. On off-center hits, the wave construction corrects to get more redundancy out of your shots

 EVA Buffgrip for extra cushioning and comfort.

The DF II "dragflick II" features an extreme curvature, an oval grip and a special cutout in the shaft for optimal drag push. 

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