Elite X4 Low Bow 90% Carbon and WTB

Size: 36.5
Sale price$299.99


This Brabo Elite 4 hockey stick 90% pre-preg carbon construction provides maximum rigidity and plenty of power and is the # 1 choice of several international players.
Equipped with the new Wave Torsion Box Technology (WTB)that ensures optimal torsional stiffness by applying a wave construction in the shaft. With off-center hits, the wave construction takes corrective action in order to get more efficiency from your hits and therefore more power!
The EVA Cushion grip provides extra cushioning and comfort.

Low Bow II – The LB II curve in combination with the renewed thinner toe  provides optimal control and makes the 3D and dodging skills even easier.

Low Bow 24mm @ 240mm

 36.5 Only

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