Elite JHUKNAA Ext Low Bow 85%

Carbon & Color: 85%
Size: 36.5
Bow: Extreme Low Bow
Sale price$295.00


This stick is so fine looking! We wish we all had the skills to rock it!

The ELITE Jhuknaa is an Extreme  Low Bow stick with a 25mm bow closer to the heel providing a quick dribbling advantage with the low bow. allowing a quick change from forehand to backhand.

Named the pointed sword for its lifted accuracy it is  excellent for lifted shots on goal, drag flicks and reverse shots. 

Also easy quick lifts and passes as you move down the field! 

Designed for players who excel at the technical aspects of the game.

In 85% Carbon providing you with extra power as you use your stick to 

Choose 36.5

Available in 37.5 upon request.

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