SALE Half Finger & Full Thumb Gloves Medium Mint Faded

Color: Mint (Faded)
Size: M
Hand: Left
Sale price$25.00 Regular price$33.00


Indoor or Outdoor

This pair of Medium Half Finger is faded shade of mint. Otherwise, the glove is the same. 

This style  glove provides the protection you need with the versatility of a half finger glove

Neoprene and high density foam coverage on half if finger and full thumb, the glove has a hard shell top for extra knuckle and back of the hand protection.  Since on your left hand, finger tips wrap around the stick, they are generally not exposed allowing for a 3/4 finger protection.

The palm has all weather silicone grip  providing optimal grip to the stick 

Can pair with a right hand, full finger shell!

SIZING:   measure middle finger from base to tip. 
M from 3”-3 1/3”


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