Indian Maharadja SWORD Low Bow 40% Carbon

Carbon: 40 %
Size: 36.5"
Bow: Low Bow
Sale price$175.00


The top of the Mid-Range Segment branching to Elite if the Powerful Sporty Indian Maharadja Sword.

Designed for players who love stick work, ball movement, dodges, reverse and3-D.

Great stick for a High School Player or a technical skilled middle school player. 

The 40% Carbon provides stiffness and power to get a great shot on goal or make strong pass to your teammates but still forgiving enough to keep good control!

The low allows you to hug the ball and get off a powerful pass, hit, sweep or shot! 

Low Bow 24mm @ 200 mm with Backhand Protection

cushion grip

Matte Black with White Lettering


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