Youth Princess FM #15 with 15% Carbon

Size: 33"
Bow: Mid Bow
Carbon: 15 %
Sale price$55.00 Regular price$77.00


Developed together with Frédérique Matla, Olympic Gold Medalist and Forward on the Dutch Team, #15, this special edition 15% Carbon stick  will elevate the Junior player's game.

By playing with the composition of the materials, this 15% Carbon stick has an excellent mix between POWER, FEEL and CONTROL for the blossoming player.

The Mid Bow curve is ideal for an all-round playing style. 

If, like Frédérique, you want to reach the absolute top, this is your choice to get ahead! 

15% Carbon 

SIZE: Measure from floor to hip bone in sneakers

Sizes: 33". 35" 

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