Premium 6 Star SGX (Ext. Low Bow)

Size: 36.5"
Weight: XL
Sale price$275.00


The Princess Premium 6 STAR SGX-ELB 90% is the top stick in the Competive segment.

With 90% activated carbon technology it generates a nice mix between POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT 

The SGX-ELB (Extreme Low Bow) curve in combination with the renewed thin curl make this stick extremely suitable for the technical player,  optimal  on penalty corners, providing the easy opportunity to execute for high flicks and hits on goal and making  all 3D skills even easier.

The Premium series is equipped with a Tech grip for an optimal grip.

Great playability with a crisp feel! For those players interested in growing the technical aspect of their game. Quick dribbles, lifts, backhands etc.



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