BRABO Competition Pure Diamond Rose 40% Carbon Classic Curve

Size: 36.5
Sale price$139.95


 The Brabo Pure Diamond Rose 40 LTD hockey stick is a versatile stick that offers the perfect balance between strength and ball feeling, thanks to the use of 40% carbon. With this healthy mix of materials you experience optimum performance on the field.

The new Diamond Mal provides more ball feeling and control during your success. The angular structure gives more torsional rigidity to the stick and with that you trust rises.

The 24 mm Classic Curve Curve (Mid Bow) of this stick is specially designed for players with an allround playing style. This curve offers the ideal combination of control and power, so that you can excel in all aspects of the game.

Whether you want to give accurate passes, agile dribbling or making powerful strokes, the Brabo Pure Diamond Rose 40 LTD is ready for you with it’s versatility and unique appearance. With this stick you make a statement on the field and show that individuality and performance go hand in hand.




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