18" Baby Animal sticks look

Color: Giraffe
Sale price$18.99


The Cutest Field Hockey Sticks!   Great Field Hockey Gifts for field hockey enthusiasts, newborn babies, toddlers, player and coaches gifts, wall art, knee hockey and more.!  

Yes they can be used… Practice air dribbles, do lifts over them, use in agility drills, decorate bedrooms or dorm rooms, play knee hockey, or get your toddler into the game by adding a USA field hockey Go Ball!

These 18"sticks make everyone smile!                       

Choose: Flamingo stick, Giraffe stick, Toucan stick, Dolphin stick, Sea Horse stick, Lion stick, Cow stick, Duck stick, Nessie stick, Ladybug stick, Bear stick, Rabbit stick or Leopard stick.

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