Youth / Junior Sizing   

There is no exact science. 

Measure from the ground up to hip bone with shoes on.  The inches will equate to the recommended length of the stick. Take into consideration that they are growing but do not go above the belly button as the stick will be cumbersome when playing.

You can also use height to estimate stick size for Youth.  Again this is not an exact science as everyone is proportioned differently.  You may want to mix both methods!

Below 3' tall:   use 23" or 24", 

3'- 3'1         25"

3'2-3'4        26"

3''4-3'6       27"

3'6-3'8        28"

3-9-3'10      29"

3'11-4'0      30"

4'0-4'2        31"

4'3-4'4        32"

4'5-4'6        33"

4'7-4'9        34"

4'10-5'0      35"

5'0 - 5'2      36"

Teens:  At this age, you may want to move into a Senior sized stick.                                          They are stronger and more powerful.  There are only 2 sizes 36.5 & 37.5 . Although you can get a 38.5" but that is not recommded unless you are over 6'4

SENIOR SIZING:   5'0-5'8"  will be a 36.5" stick & 5'8 & up would be a 37.5 stick. 

Most of the time hockey sticks for  "seniors" are below the waist and this fine.  The stick becomes an extension of your arm.   A taller player 5'8 and above may prefer playing with a 37.5 especially if their legs are long.

 *** Field Hockey stick length for High School can be a matter of personal preference.  Sometimes coaches want players to use a longer stick or players prefer this due to proportions of legs to height. Also, sometimes players need to get down more and do not need the length. These are all fine. At this level, it is about a stick working with your style of play.