BRABO ELITE TWO Mid Bow 100 % Pre preg Carbon Sleek Black

Size: 37.5
Sale price$329.95


The Brabo Elite 2 Classic Curve/Mid Bow is a powerful hockey stick and the choice of various top players!

Super Sleek in All Black. This stick will have you making stops and powerful shots all over the field!

The 100% Prepreg High Modulus carbon construction ensures maximum stiffness and a lot of power. High Modulus Carbon is a leading materials also used in the bike industry to give the bikes maximum strength and also forgiveness. 

This hockey stick is stronger, stiffer, and more powerful than hockey sticks with regular carbon.  The Elite 2 also includes Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber ™ 

Equipped with the new Wave Torsion Box Technology (WTB). This exclusive technology ensures optimal torsional rigidity by applying a wave construction in the shaft. On off-center hits, the wave construction corrects the action to get more redundancy out of your shots.
force on an asymmetrical design is converted by the diagonal wave torsion box into pure speed of the ball, efficiency and dynamic power.

 The PowerZone® technology by BRABO ensures optimum power over the entire hockey stick to hit the ball even harder. Especially for players who love to hit the ball with their backhand, this technology is perfect. 

The EVA Buff grip provides extra cushioning and comfort.

The Classic Curve is ideal for an all-round playing style and will provide power to all hits due to its shape and carbon percentage.

24mm @ 310 mm

36.5  Available upon request in 37.5

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