BRABO Premium Traditional 80% Carbon Low Bow II

Size: 36.5"
Sale price$269.95



The Brabo Traditional Carbon 80 Low Bow hockey stick is a topper in it’s price range, with an impressive 80% 3K carbon construction.

This stick offers an excellent combination of quality and affordability. The high percentage of carbon ensures maximum stiffness, strength and durability. With a good dose of power and control, the Brabo Traditional Carbon 80 LB offers an excellent ball feeling.

The stick absorbs shocks and vibrations thanks to a damping capacity, which contributes to a smooth and accurate ball control.

This stick provodes the confidence and control needed  to elevate your game.

Low Bow Curve stick is ideal for players who strive for maximum control and push performance.

The low curvature supports easy ball on stick movement on the ground and makes it easier to perform technical skills such as lifts, scoop movements and pushes.

With a high-quality carbon percentage, excellent price-quality ratio and specific curvature, the Brabo Traditional Carbon 80 LB hockey stick is a great choice for players looking for a superior reliable and versatile performance driven stick.

Experience the benefits of this stick and enjoy the performance and playing pleasure it entails.




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