Princess No Excuse P2 25% Carbon Mid Bow

Size: 36.5"
Color: Blue on Black
Sale price$125.00


Striking  design meets Performance!

This stick uses 25% activated carbon technology to generate a nice mix between POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT without a lot of stiffness and offering power for the all-round hockey player who is looking for a great value stick to elevate their game. 

Middle School or High School player with experience but looking to grow their game or coming from a full composite stick. 



Awesome graphic design, the Princess No Excuse Ltd2 MB stands out in the Princess collection woth the new foil technology. 

The No Excuse MB (Mid Bow) Curve is suitable for an all around playing style and contributes to accurate fitting.

Choose this striking stick from the No Excuse Series does not allow any excuse in your game.


The Limited No Excuse series is equipped with a Tech grip for an optimal grip.

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