Premium 9 Star Forged Carbon SG9-LB Low Bow 95%

Bow: SG9-Low Bow
Carbon: 95%
Size: 36.5"
Sale price$319.95


The Princess Premium 9 Star  Forged Carbon SG9-LB is  a Low Bow stick with 95% carbon part of the Princess PREMIUM series and one of the favorite sticks of the pro hockey players.

The SG9-LB (Low Bow) curve with renewed maxi hook provide optimal control and make the 3D skills even easier.

This very sharp looking stick with 95% forged  carbon construction generates the ulitmate mix of POWER & FEEL.

the PREMIUM series is equipped with a perforated PU grip with an EVA foam layer for extra cushioning.

A crisp feeling but not overly stiff!

The front has a metallic silver and back strong matte finish.

36.5 or 37.5

Available in 38.5” upon request

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