Princess Premium 9 Star SG9-LB Low Bow 95% Forged Carbon

Bow: SG9-Low Bow
Carbon: 95% Forged Carbon
Size: 36.5"
Sale price$319.95


The Princess Premium 9 Star  SG9-LB is a Low Bow with 95% Forged carbon and part of the Princess PREMIUM series as well as one of the favorite sticks of Professional Field Hockey players.

The SG9-LB (Low Bow) curve with renewed maxi hook provide optimal control and make the 3D skills even easier. The Low Bow is  24.75mm at 280mm from the Head.

This very attractive stick with 95% forged  carbon construction generates the ulitmate mix of POWER & FEEL.

PREMIUM series is equipped with a perforated PU grip with an EVA foam layer for extra cushioning.

A crisp feeling but not overly stiff!

The front has a metallic silver and back a strong matte finish.

36.5 or 37.5

Available in 38.5” upon request

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