HOCSOCX Footless Performance Socks

Style: Footless
Color: Polar Bear
Size: One Size
Sale price$17.95


Protection, Performance & Personality!

A lover of keeping your shins protection without fabric on your toes? We've got you covered.

Available in Full Sock or Footless Sleeve

  • PROTECTION: Guards against shin guard skin rash, irritation; offers light compression for reduced fatigue and quick recovery
  • DESIGN: Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric; 85% polyester and 15% spandex; available in many colors and designs
  • BENEFITS: Wear as a sweat-wicking layer underneath shin guards without added bulk. 
  • No more Shin Guard Rash, Sweat, Irritation. 

Also great for Soccer, Skiing & Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, Traveling

How to wear Hocsocx, it’s pretty simple!

If you  prefer a footless sock, Hocsocx Leg Sleeves can be worn two different ways. The first method is just like the full footed sock, you pull the leg sleeve onto your leg and the sock sits right in place. However, if you’re someone who enjoys ankle coverage, pull the bottom of the leg sleeve below your ankle so it rests just underneath the arch of your foot. Both types of Hocsocx will not slide and will keep you feeling protected and comfortable all day! 

If you’re someone who prefers a full footed under sock, before putting your shin guards on, grab your favorite pair of Hocsocx and place them on first, lightly pulling the sock up just underneath your knee. Once your liner sock is on, you can then place your shin guards and outer sock on like normal!



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