BRABO ELITE 4 Low Bow 90% High Modulus Carbon WTB

Color: White on Black
Size: 36.5
Sale price$289.00


 The Brabo Elite 4 Low Bow hockey stick is the choice of various top players.

With it’s high-quality 90% 3K carbon construction, this stick offers high stiffness and impressive power.

The Elite Series distinguishes itself further through the new Wave Torsion Box technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimum torsional rigidity by implementing a golf construction in shaft.

As a result, the balance is corrected at Off-Center hits, making your success more efficient and you achieve more returns. In addition, the Brabo Elite 4 LB hockey stick is equipped with a versatile Low Bow, making it suitable for various playing styles.

The subtle curvature at the bottom of the shaft offers a balanced mix of maneuverability and push force. It enables players to combine technical skills with powerful strokes, to control a wide range of hockey techniques. The sturdy construction ensures maximum stiffness and power, while the Wave Torsion Box technology optimizes performance. Whether you give accurate passes, perform fast dribbles or launch powerful sliding layers, this stick offers the versatility and reliability you need to excel on the hockey field.

36.5 and 37.5 Available

38.5 upon request!

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