Brabo Junior Elite Three 40% Carbon

Size: 34"
Color: Purple on Black
Sale price$129.95


The Brabo Elite 3 Forged Carbon LB Junior hockey stick is part of the Brabo Junior Performance Series. By experimenting with the composition of materials, we have created a stick with the optimum mix of power and control.

This stick is specially designed for the youth player who strives for the absolute top. The Low Bow Curve in combination with the renewed thin curl ensures optimum control and makes it easier to perform 3D skills.

With the Brabo Elite 3 Forged Carbon LB Junior, young talents can take their game to a higher level and use their full potential. This stick offers the perfect balance between strength and control, so that you can both make powerful strokes and maneuver accurately. If you want to reach the absolute top as a youth player, the Brabo Traditional Carbon 80 Junior is the ultimate choice for you.


Blue on Black or Purple on Black

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