GRAVITY Mid Bow 95% Carbon

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Size: 36.5"
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The Gravity is Elite Mid Bow stick of Strength & Power combines excellent ball control, tackling and Powerful Ball Distribution! 

 95% high quality carbon 

Along, strong sweet spot, tackles, receptions and powerful ball distribution.

A. Premium stick with balanced stick handling for the experienced player looking to take their game up a notch! 

Mid Bow Shape  for a combination of stability, control, speed and sheer power.

midbow: 24 mm curve @ 300 mm -

maxi head with textured surface and a thick tip -

high-quality carbon 95 -

backhand protection carbon and aramid -

cushion grip with extra foam for impact

Popular with Center Midfielders and Defensive Players who excel at tackle and distribution. 


Sizes:  36.5 

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