Princess Premium 8 Star SG0-LB 90% Forged Carbon

Size: 36.5"
Bow: Low Bow
Carbon: 90 %
Sale price$299.99


The Princess Premium FC 8 Star SG9-LB is a flagship within the Premium Series.

With advanced technology and high-quality materials, this hockey stick delivers the ultimate performance on the field.

The innovative forged carbon construction, known for it’s unparalleled strength and responsiveness, is 90% surfaced from carbon and therefore generates the ultimate mix between strength and feeling.

Thanks to this high-quality carbon construction, you experience maximum strength and optimum ball control with every movement, so that you control the game.

The SG9-LB (Low Bow) Curve in combination with the renewed Maxi-Hook offers optimum control and makes it easier to perform 3D skills.

Moreover, the Premium Series is equipped with a perforated PU grip with an EVA Foam low, so you can play comfortably and confidently with optimum damping.

With the Princess Premium FC 8 Star SG9-LB you are at the top of your game and get the best out of yourself on the hockey field.

Experience the ultimate performance with this high-quality hockey stick and dominate the game.

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