BRABO ELITE TWO Extreme Low Bow 95% Forged Carbon with WTB

Size: 36.5 Orange/Black Extreme Low Bow
Sale price$329.99



The Brabo Elite 2 WTB Forged Carbon Extreme Low Bow is the ultimate innovation in the field of hockey sticks.

This serie uses the exclusive material ‘forged carbon’ (95%) making the stick extremely powerful. The application of carbon flakes makes complex shapes possible, such as those of the Wave Torsion Box.
With the help of these groundbreaking materials we create the perfect balance between strength and control. Moreover, the Elite Series has the revolutionary Wave Torsion Box-technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimum torsional rigidity through a golf construction in the shaft. With off-center hits, the golf construction corrects the balance, making your success more efficient.

The EVA Buffgrip offers extra damping and comfort during the game.

The 24 mm ELB Curve (Extreme Low Bow) of this hockey stick is ideal for players who strive for ultimate technical skills and maximum Drag Flick performance. The extreme curvature in the shaft offers the perfect combination of ultimate control and power.

With the Brabo Elite 2 WTB Forged Carbon ELB hockey stick you can give accurate passes, perform super-fast dribbles and launch powerful tow pushes.

With it’s impressive features and advanced technologies, this hockey stick takes your game to new heights. The balanced mix of power and control ensures that every stroke is effortless and effective.

The torsion rigidity of the Wave Torsion Box technology ensures a responsive feeling and maximum energy transfer, while the EVA Buffgrip protects your hands against vibrations and shocks.

Discover the boundless possibilities of the Brabo Elite 2 WTB Forged Carbon ELB hockey stick with his Extreme Low Bow Curve. Prepare for a dynamic game in which you develop your skills to surpass your opponent. Get ready to bring your game to the next level with this innovative and powerful hockey stick.

Available in 36.5 and 37.5


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