IM Indoor Gold Series Low Bow 50% Carbon

Size: 36.5
Carbon% and Color: 50% Gold Series White/Black
Sale price$145.00


The Gold Series Indoor low bow stick from The Indian Maharadja with its unique and timeless design is the ultimate lowbow with an exceptional combination of speed, control and power. 

The Lowbow shape provides great close control for dribbling and precision with a drag flick or push.

A real powerhouse on the indoor court with added high-quality carbon 50 and low bow that will advance the attacking player with technical skills.

indoor lowbow: 23 mm curve @ 250 mm 

maxi head - slim tip 

high-quality carbon 50 

extreme cushion grip

This stick was designed for players with experience and good ball control on the fast paced indoor court. 

Choose your Look in 36.5 or 37.5"

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