Princess Premium 7 Star 90% Carbon SG9-Low Bow

Bow: SG9-Low Bow
Carbon: 90 %
Size: 36.5"
Sale price$285.00


The Princess Premium 7 STAR SG9-LB  (Low Bow) has been the #1 choice of many Princess ambassadors for years and is one of our most popular.

With the SG9-LB. a 24.75mm Low Bow at 280mm, this stick makes ball to stick handling, passing in reverse and 3 D skills even easier.

It allows excellent control as you move down the field with a control zone for softer receptions.

Boost your game with this stellar stick!

The 90% activated carbon technology brings a good dose of power while providing an excellent balance of maximum POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT.

Equipped with a Tech grip for an optimal traction on the stick.

JC#7 designed with Dutch National Team member #7 Jorrit Croon

Choose 36.5 or 37.5

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