Princess Competition 4 Star SG9 Low Bow 50%

Size: 36.5"
Carbon: 50 %
Sale price$175.00


We love this stick option!

The Princess Competition 4 Star SG9-LB is an indispensable link of the Princess Competition Series. With it’s 50% carbon construction, this gray hockey stick offers an excellent balance between power and feel. The SG9-LB (Low Bow) Curve in combination with the renewed Maxi-Hook ensures optimum control and makes 3D skills even easier.

 Whether you are an experienced player who is looking for a good balance between strength and feeling, or a starting player who wants to improve his or her game, the Princess Competition 4 Star SG9-LB is the ideal choice.

With it’s quality and versatility you can take your hockey skills to a higher level. Experience the benefits of the Princess Competition 4 Star SG9-LB and enjoy excellent performance on the field. Choose this reliable stick and take advantage of optimum grip and control during the game.

Excellent for the High School Player who wants to move into a Premium Stick or for a skilled middle school club player. 

24.75 mm curve @ 280 mm 

Equipped with a soft Tech grip for an optimal grip on this 

36.5 & 37.5 

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