Princess Jr. Premium 9 Star Low Bow 40% Forged Carbon

Bow: SG-9 Low Bow
Carbon: 40 %
Size: 34"
Sale price$124.00


  •  The Princess Premium FC 9 Star Junior SG9-LB is part of the Princess Premium Junior Series.
  • Specially designed for young talents who want to shine on the hockey field.
  • The Princess Premium FC 9 Star Junior SG9-LB is the junior version of the Elite stick top athletes of Princess show their skills.
  • By carefully playing with the material composition, we have created a stick offering an excellent mix of power, feel and control.
  • The SG9-LB (Low Bow) Junior Curve in combination with the renewed Maxi-Hook ensures optimum control and makes it easier to perform 3D skills.
  • This stick gives the tools to further develop your hockey skills and Elevate your game. 
  • Choose the junior version of the stick trusted by Top Players around the world and impress on the field!
  • Available in 34”-36”

40% Carbon 

Junior weight

Choose 33", 34" or 35"

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