Princess Competition 5 Star SG9 Low Bow 60%

Size: 36.5"
Color: Silver
Carbon: 60 %
Sale price$195.00


We love this stick option!

The Princess Premium 5 STAR SG9-LB with 60% carbon provides players is an excellent choice when it comes to Quality and Value!

The 60% carbon generates an excellent mix between POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT. The crisp feel of this stick is powerful on sweeps, hits, shots on goal but also forgiving for spot on receptions and grooving through traffic!

The SG9-LB (Low Bow) curve and renewed maxi hook provide optimal  control while making ball movement, dodges and 3D skills even easier.

Excellent for the High School Player who wants to move into a Premium Stick or for a skilled middle school club player. 

24.75 mm curve @ 280 mm 

Copper on a Sleek Silver Grey (looks black here but more charcoal)

Equipped with a soft Tech grip for an optimal grip on this 

36.5 & 37.5 

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