Princess Premium 6 Star Low Bow 75%

Color: Pink on Black
Carbon: 75%
Size: 36.5
Sale price$249.95


The Princess Premium 6 STAR SG9-LB (Low Bow) stick with 75% carbon generates a nice mix between POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT.

A great stick for a High School or College Player looking to get more out of their stick.   An excellent value in its class, the SG9-LB Curve and renewed maxi hook make quick ball movement and 3-D easier.  Players who like to do a lot of stick work, ball movement, getting through traffic quickly with moves, will love this stick

Attack players gravitate to its low bow capabilities and 75% carbon is not too much to keep the ball on your stick but more than enough to get off a great hit or sweep! 

Equipped with a Tech grip for an optimal grip.

Choose 36.5 or 37.5

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