Princess Premium 7 Star 90% Carbon Mid Bow

Size: 36.5
Bow: Mid Bow
Carbon: 90%
Sale price$285.00


The 7 Star is the  number 1 choice of many Princess Ambassadors!  And one of the favorite sticks here. 

We love this crisp feeling this 90% activated carbon technology  generates creating an optimal mix between maximum POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT. A stiffer stick with a very crisp hit yet soft for receiving.

The MB (Mid Bow) curve is ideal for an all-round playing style.  Defenders and midfielders usually gravitate toward its shape for ability to make a perfect tackle or receptions and easily distribute with power!

Equipped with a Tech grip for optimal stick handling.

Mid Bow   24 mm curve at 300mm

Choose 36.5 or 37.5 

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