Princess Premium 8 Star 90% SGX-ELB

Size: 36.5"
Bow: Extreme Low Bow
Carbon: 100 %
Sale price$299.00


The Princess Premium FC 8 Star SGX-ELB is a flagship within the Premium Series.

With advanced technology and high-quality materials, this hockey stick delivers the ultimate performance on the field.

Innovative forged carbon construction, known for it’s unparalleled strength and responsiveness, generating strength but still feeling and excellent ball control with every movement!

The SGX-ELB (Extreme Low Bow) Curve in combination with the renewed Maxi-Hook offers optimum control and makes it easier to perform 3D skills.

Effortlessly dribble, sweep, push and provide tight passes.

The Premium Series is equipped with a perforated PU grip with an EVA Foam low, so you can play comfortably and confidently with optimum damping.

With the Princess Premium FC 8 Star SGX-ELB you are at the top of your game and get the best out of yourself on the hockey field.

Experience the ultimate performance with this high-quality hockey stick and dominate the game.

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