BRABO Traditional 80% High Modulus Japanese Carbon Mid Bow

Size: 36.5
Color: Irradescent Blue on Black
Sale price$259.00


The Brabo Traditional  80 Classic Curve mid bow hockey stick with its 80% 3k carbon construction is a winner in its price range!  

The stick generates a lot of ball speed in an easy and coordinated way. Quality technology at a great price. 

Offering power but with a damping capacity that  contributes to a smooth and accurate ball  the confidence and control that you need to take your game to a higher level.

The 24 mm Classic Curve (Mid Bow) of the Brabo Traditional Carbon 80 Classic Curve is extremely suitable for an allround playing style.

The subtle curvature in the shaft offers a balanced combination of control and strength. Whether you want to give accurate passes, perform technical dribbles or fire powerful shots, this stick is ready to take on any challenge.


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